Public law

Public law provides for the regulations the government imposes in its relationship with citizens. It also regulates the relationship between government bodies themselves. Public law is a very comprehensive area of the law. At ORYS, we are knowledgeable about various subdisciplines of public law.

ORYS works for government, municipalities and private individuals confronted with matters involving public law.

Administrative law provides for all the regulations which the government must comply with in terms of its organisation, authorities and methods. In concrete terms, general administrative law regulates everything that has to do with spatial planning, public tendering procedures, contracts with the government, environmental legislation and so on. ORYS is an expert in general administrative law and offers assistance to private individuals and government agencies on the following:

  • approval, abolition and expansion of local and other roads
  • public easements of transit and passage
  • implementation of New Municipalities Act: drafting regulations (e.g., parties, late-night shops, election advertisements)
  • appeals to the administrative courts

Public-private partnerships or PPPs are currently considered a ‘hot item’ in government management. On the one hand, the government outsources projects or services, or it procures infrastructure. On the other hand, the government also sells infrastructure to private parties. PPPs are found in a variety of sectors such as public works, spatial planning, housing, culture, sports, education, social welfare and health care, the prison system and so on.

ORYS offers representation and legal protection to private and public partners active in the Belgian tendering market. We can offer you advice and assistance from the drafting of the contract to the final permit and construction phases.

You can benefit from our extensive experience in the following areas:

  • drafting tendering procedures, construction contracts, and framework contracts and procurement decisions
  • conducting negotiations
  • concluding contracts
  • civil and administrative legal disputes involving tender awards
  • concession contracts for public works and services
  • domain concessions
  • official measures and claims for damages
  • arbitration proceedings

ORYS can also provide a full range of services for local governments. We can assist with the many reforms and amendments to the Municipality Decree. We can act as your counsel in a variety of areas:

  • spatial planning
  • government contracts
  • PPPs
  • restructuring projects
  • tax regulations

Every private person can challenge the legality of a document in court, and people are hesitating less and less to do this. Thanks to our expertise in matters of administrative law and liability law, you will find a professional partner in ORYS.

Our specialists in government and administration:

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