Legal advice and assistance for real estate sales and purchases, renting and leasing, construction projects, contracting

For professionals in the real estate sector, construction sector and government agencies

As a contractor, architect, property developer, estate agent or real estate expert, sooner or later you will have to contend with legal matters. We also provide services to engineering firms and local government offices. ORYS is the ideal partner for the real estate sector for many reasons, not the least of which is that several of the lawyers on our team are actively involved with estate agent training programmes. We are extremely familiar with every aspect of property law, contract construction law and real estate law.

Private individuals

Real estate offers the opportunity to enjoy your life and invest in the future. Unfortunately, sooner or later problems may arise, and when they do, it is important to be able to contact a lawyer and legal team that has a great deal of up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of real estate law and construction law. ORYS is a thorough, reliable partner in these areas.

We offer legal support for contested and other matters, and disputes and procedures involved in every aspect of buying and selling real estate:

  • purchase and sale of real estate
  • buying on plan and contracts subject to the Breyne Act
  • real estate transactions and property management
  • ownership and co-ownership (apartment rights)
  • duty-based ethics of estate agents and defending their interests with the BIV (Association of Estate Agents)
  • management mandates and brokerage agreements for estate agents

We supervise the full range of real estate transactions and master every aspect of property law completely: easements, term leases, right of superficies, joint ownership, common walls, nuisance from neighbours, and so on.

These days, so many companies, associations and private individuals have to contend with issues involved in leases. ORYS provides first-line advice in these matters. We offer help in the drafting and reviewing of contracts.

Our specialised lawyers are also well-versed in tenancy law:

  • drafting rental agreements and leases
  • reviewing rental agreements and leases
  • terminating rental agreements
  • recovering rent arrears
  • evictions

ORYS has a team of lawyers at its disposal who are skilled in a variety of disciplines. This way we can provide you with legal advice for your construction projects, from obtaining permits to drawing up agreements with contractors and buyers. ORYS is also happy to offer legal assistance in the event of disputes, design errors or inspection or execution errors.

ORYS offers advice, consultation and legal assistance for:

  • property development
  • contracts complying with the Residential Care Decree
  • easements
  • building contracts
  • subcontracting agreements
  • architect’s contracts
  • agreed and court-appointed appraisals
  • duty-based ethics of estate agents and defending their interests with the BIV (Association of Estate Agents)
Our specialists in real estate law, construction law, property law, tenancy law and apartment rights:

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