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Comprehensive advice on intellectual property

ORYS is versed in intellectual property rights. What are intellectual property rights? Intellectual property rights concern the rights to the creations of the human mind (creative content). Consider, for example:

  • Computer programs
  • Books
  • Texts
  • Designations of origin
  • Trademarks
  • Company secrets
  • Creative content
  • Media
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Etc.

Your specialist in intellectual property rights

Intellectual property legislation protects all these intellectual creations. Detailed regulations apply to these different types of creations. ORYS is your specialist in

  • Copyrights
  • Trademark rights and registration
  • ICT and IT law
  • Domain names
  • Protection of company secrets
  • Etc.

For companies, governments, IT professionals, scientists, copywriters, artists, performers, etc.

ORYS works for businesses, public authorities, agencies, marketing agencies, associations, architects, performers, artists, IT professionals, scientists, to name but a few. But we not only give advice, we also support you when it comes to legal proceedings.

ICT law

Have you written a computer program? Have you developed an app or created a website? Then it is important to protect your creation in advance, and not risk being faced with someone making off with your code, improperly distributing your app or copying your design to some extent. The legislation regarding copyright and ICT law is complex. ORYS provides professional and motivated assistance, with practical advice and up-to-date know-how.


As the creator of a specific work (a text, a work of art, photographs, films, journalistic pieces), copyright gives you the right to determine how your work may be made public, reproduced, sold, etc. Copyright is an automatic right: you don’t need to deposit or register your work to be recognised as an author. Do you want to safeguard your rights? ORYS will help you with this.

Trademark registration to protect your brand

Unlike copyright, trademark right is not an automatic right. You must have your trademark registered for certain categories of goods or services. Failing to have your trademark registered means that third persons may also make use of it.

You can have your trademark registered for Benelux, or extend it to include other countries. In the latter case, you must follow the international procedures. ORYS answers all your questions on trademark registration, and will guide you through the procedure and possible disputes or trademark infringement.

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