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Personal approach – Customisation – Long-term collaboration

Specialists with tons of experience

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Why opt for ORYS?

Personal approach – Customisation – Long-term collaboration

We take the time to get to know you. First, we listen carefully in order to become familiar with the underlying issues, as well as with your needs and expectations. We then carry out a thorough study, and analyse the situation in order to offer pragmatic and realistic solutions. Not everyone wants to take the same path. We provide the required customisation in which the customer takes central stage, thereby making use of fast and clear communication.

We also always keep an eye on the costs, and communicate openly about them. Wherever possible, our outlook is always focused on long-term collaboration. This requires the necessary transparency. It goes without saying that proceedings for the sake of proceedings is out of the question, but they are, of course, vigorously implemented where necessary.

Specialists with tons of experience

The lawyers of ORYS have gone through various journeys in large and medium-sized offices, as well as in both the business world and elsewhere. The common thread throughout the various practices is real estate, although we are obviously not limited to that. In this field, there is no doubt that ORYS is a boutique that can meet all your needs: from purchase to sale or rental, and from planning and permit application to completion. ORYS brings all this experience together, and this makes us a one-stop-shop for all your questions relating to real estate.

Our expertise is not limited to real estate, however. Based on their various track records, our lawyers also feel at home in court in a wide range of matters. ORYS is structured around two departments, i.e., (1) Civil and Corporate law, and (2) Environmental and Public law.

Independent – Unconventional – Brussels

As a fully independent player in the Belgian market, and with a highly efficient organisation, we can act and provide advice in the most objective manner. ORYS can offer assistance for most issues that businesses could come in contact with, and, in the rare instances where this is not the case, all our lawyers have a strong network that enables them to gear up quickly when additional external advice or specialisation is required. Our independence guarantees our clients short communication lines without unnecessary formalities or administration.

Our lawyers have a broad range of interests, and speak several languages (Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish). Solid advice requires more than merely familiarity with the relevant law. ORYS has both feet firmly planted in reality, and it’s no coincidence that we are based in the heart of Brussels.

All this makes ORYS an unconventional and energetic player in the rather traditional market of the legal profession.

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