Spatial planning
for businesses and government

All advice involved in spatial planning, urban development and expropriation cases

The legislation involving spatial planning and urban development is still ‘under construction’. At ORYS, we closely monitor this legislation. We offer advice, support and assistance in the legal proceedings involving various aspects of spatial planning and urban development: the planning, permits and enforcement of the regulations.

For professionals, private individuals and government

ORYS works for professionals such as property developers, architects and engineering firms. Municipalities and public administration offices frequently rely on our services. Private individuals can also contact ORYS for all their expropriation, urban development and environmental questions.

Lawyers specialised in environmental law

Starting construction on a new business premises? Or are you considering expanding your current company, but have to take environmental legislation into account? Your environmental permit imposes certain limitations on your company. How can you take the legal aspects of this into account?

Environmental law is an extensive area of the law that is also subject to continual change. Since the subject matter is often very technical, we work closely with technical specialists such as Adviesbureau PH7, our partner for environmental coordination and consultancy.

We assist and advise private individuals, public administration offices, municipalities, engineering firms, architects and property developers in the following activities:

  • reviewing and assessing legality of plans
  • formal proceedings opposing construction plans and spatial implementation plans
  • (delicate) permit applications
  • construction plans
  • structure plans
  • spatial implementation plans
  • applications for planning certificates for municipalities
  • expropriation cases, both administrative and civil-rights based matters

ORYS can help you bring the permit application process to a successful conclusion. Whether you are a private individual, professional, property developer or municipal body, we can help with the following:

  • feasibility studies
  • meetings with government bodies
  • file compilation
  • editing cover notes in collaboration with architects and engineering firms
  • objections to public enquiries
  • appeal procedures
  • assistance in the purchase of a project
  • for municipalities: editing manuals on permit procedures
  • urban development permit and parcelling permit applications

For private individuals:

  • prosecution
  • orders to remedy

For municipalities:

  • drafting of demands and orders to remedy for civil court and criminal court
  • advice on protection legislation affecting archaeological heritage, monuments and landscapes, building roads and public parks and gardens

We can also help companies active in outdoor recreation and guest accommodation facilities!

We advise and assist in matters involving:

  • environmental permits
  • environmental liability
  • environmental criminal law
  • environmental impact reports
  • safety reports
  • waste problems
  • soil legislation
  • soil remediation
  • soil transport
  • noise legislation
  • water policy
  • nature conservation
  • manure problems/nuisance
  • energy law
Specialists in spatial planning, urban development and environmental law:

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