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ORYS is very active in the domain of intellectual property law. Intellectual property rights are all those rights to products of the human mind. This includes computer software programs, books, texts, inventions, plant varieties, designations of origin, models, trademarks and more. Intellectual property law protects all these intellectual creations.  Very specific regulations apply to these different types of creations. ORYS specialises in copyrights, patents, trademark law, IT law, domain names, protection of trade secrets, etc.

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ORYS works for businesses, partnerships, architects, artists, performers, IT professionals, scientists and more. We do more than just offer advice of course; we can also assist you during court proceedings.

Have you written a computer software program? eveloped an app or created a website? If so, it is important to protect your creation in advance, rather than waiting until someone runs off with your code, illegally distributes your app, or flat out copies your design. The legislation on copyrights and IT law is complex. ORYS is driven to offer you expert, practical advice and up-to-date know-how.

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A copyright gives you, as a maker of a certain work (a text, work of art, photographs, films, journalistic articles, etc.), the right to determine how you make that work public, reproduce it, sell it and so on. The copyright is a legal right: you do not have to file your work or register it in order to be recognised as the author of that work. Would you still like to protect your work? ORYS can help.

Have you invented something and want to prevent others from using or copying your invention? If so, a patent is a good solution. In order to be able to rely on patent laws, your invention must satisfy several strict conditions imposed by the government: ORYS can help you with your patent application and to safeguard your rights. Patent protection is not an automatic process.

Unlike a copyright, trademark rights are not automatic. You must register your work for certain categories of goods or services. If you don’t register your trademark, others can use it. You can have your trademark registered for the Benelux, or expand it to other countries. In the latter case, you must follow international procedures. ORYS can answer all your questions about trademark registration, and assist you during the procedure and in the event of any disputes.

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